Thrilling driving experience

Snow and ice, road hazards in the winter time make mastering your car that much more important.
Nothing beats experience and good coaching to takle all expected and unexpected situations.
25 years ago, BMW was the first car manufacturer to offer driving schools in order to prepare you for hazardous situations and improve your reactions behind the wheel. Through different programs and trainings, you will continually be able to improve your steering. Our certified instructors will adapt your training to your driving level.
If it's different sensations that you seek, an on-ice initiation as a passenger will make you experience the actual meaning of ice driving...

bmw valdisere ice driving

Initiation : starting at 30€

Introductory driving lesson : starting at 90€

bmw valdisere ice driving

Steering coaching : starting at 190€

Val d’Isère Ice-Driving Experience :
starting at 399€